What a challenge! What a concert! What a joy! – Who did not raise an eyebrow when Aspen Choral Society announced Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms and a rather unknown piece called Crying for a Dream as the selection for the 2014 Spring Concert? Which singer did not raise both eyebrows when they heard the first chords of the music for the first time? This music was tough, unusual, scary and work intensive. Did it pay off?

concert15_webLet’s answer with another couple questions: Which singer did not feel the excitement and joy in their chests when they belted a full hearted “Hari’u La Adonai” or joined into a rhythmic “Wakantanka.” Once the work was done, the Hebrew learned, the time changes internalized, wasn’t this music pure fun? Yes, a challenge still, but a fun one anyway! Finally, who in the audience did not leave the concert thinking that this was indeed an unusual experience that one can’t have every day. They had dared to open themselves up to something unknown – and were rewarded with a special, heartfelt performance that was not only beautiful but came with a meaningful message of peace and unity.

concert10_webWe are sorry if you had to miss the concert. Please check out the live recording that you can stream on the website of Grassroots TV.

Are you hungry for more pictures? Please check out our 2014 Spring Concert Gallery!

Thank you to all singers, soloists, players, the ACS leadership, tech crew and everyone who contributed to making this special night happen. Thank you to everyone who came to witness the concert and to support the choir. We’ll see you all back in fall for a not-to-miss tradition, the 37th performance of Messiah!