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Each year we are grateful for the attendance and financial support of benefactors like you, enabling us to continue our mission of bringing quality live choral music to the community here in the Rocky Mountains. It was with heavy hearts that we made the tough decision to cancel our in-person performances in 2020 due to COVID-19, but as we look to the future and find innovative ways to continue to spread the joy of song with the Roaring Fork Valley in 2021 and beyond, we need your support now more than ever. Every gift makes a difference.

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Saints $10,000 or more
Archangels $5,000-9,999
Sustaining Angels $2000-4,999
Angels $1000-1,999
Oratorio $500-999
Cantata $250-499
Chorale $100-249
Friends $99 and under


Help keep Aspen Choral Society financially stable for years to come.  Consider supporting us with a monthly donation by entering a dollar amount and clicking on the “automatic billing” button.

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With Special Thanks to Our 2020 Sponsors, without whom this would not be possible:





Thank You to Our 2020 Donors

($10,000 or more)

Pat Smith
City of Aspen


Joan & Virgil Stiefel Simon

Sustaining Angels



Slifer Smith & Frampton
Tamela & Tom Kenning
Alpine Bank
Diana Golis


Mary & Peter Delany
Eileen & Bruce Leland


Angela Parkison
Lawrence Tallmadge
Sylvia Stauffer & Werner Neff
Leslie Simon
Sol Energy
Stephanie Zaza
Hattie Branson


The Darnauer Group, LLC
Ron Pickman
Anna Naeser & Gerald Terwilliger
Paul Jacobson
Brenda Bathke
David Chase
John Lund
Wendy Huber
Jay S. Simon
Mark McKeller
Stacey & Cliff Weiss
Laura Carter
Sylvia Wendrow
Aspen Community Foundation
Yin Mei Lawrence
Flournoy & Evan Gull
AIKI Works, Inc.
William Stirling
Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Hensley & James Peterson
Lynnette & Jeffrey Schlepp
Jordan Kenning
Thomas Leddy
Mary Klawiter
Marilyn & George Baker

($99 and under)

Linda Criswell
Tammy Baar
Linda Kimmel
Marlene Schroeder
William Schott
Sarah & Robert Blachard
Donna & Jim Wolf
Lisa Curran
Jan & Ned Cochran
Hazel Hailstone
Jan Pfeifer
Thomas Boronski
Debbie Shore
Wendy Perkins
Michael Schoepe
Allina Robertson
Karen Owens
Ninna Nee
Ann Vores
Darrell Mount
Alice Meredith
Sharen Kurtz
Don Weller
John Grumling
Lynne & Glen Jammaron
Joan Hollerbach
Gail Janes
Jami Friday
Jacqueline Doig
Donna Dale
Ashley Clark-Illick
Molly & Steve Child
Jeanie Child
Kristin Boronski
Fancis Bogle
Ruth Young
Sharon & Steven Beattie
Melinda Baum
Maria Armstrong
Jeanette Adams
Pauline Ross
Anne Jensen Muir
Susan Kaye
Anne & Clarence Blackwell
Vickie DeVilbiss
Eva Lemley
Elizabeth Winn
Sharon DeQuine
Anne Molphy
Ellen Stapenhorst
Paul Dankers