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Messiah 360

A virtual choral event, Wednesday, December 23rd at 7:00pm

For the first time ever, our holiday performance of Handel’s Messiah will be a 360 virtual experience! After careful consideration, it was the decision of the Aspen Choral Society board and its singers, that a virtual performance is the safest way to share our love of song with the Roaring Fork Valley this year.

This year’s performance of Handel’s Messiah will be available for viewing on The Aspen Choral Society’s YouTube Channel starting on Wednesday, December 23rd at 7pm MST. To view, please go to: https://youtu.be/TW0gua_bj7A

This ambisonic audio and 360 visual experience is unforgettable and something we don’t believe any other choir has taken advantage of to date. The careful blending of cutting-edge technology with the great emotional impact and uplifting messages in G.F. Handel’s Messiah create something entirely new, novel, and unexpectedly engaging.


We Appreciate Your Support!

While there is no advanced registration or fee required to view Messiah 360, a suggested donation of $5 per viewer is appreciated.


Ways to View:

There are many ways to view this year’s virtual performance from a computer, smartphone or tablet, to virtual reality (VR) goggles and more. We promise that you’ve never seen a choral performance quite like this before!

Messiah 360 Ways To View

If you have access to a Google Cardboard headset or any equivalent VR headset you can enjoy the performance in full 4K, 360 degree immersive video streaming. If you don’t, that’s okay! Simply click and drag your mouse during the show to change your field of view!

What’s Google Cardboard? Google Cardboard is a simple, fun, and affordable way to get the full 360 experience without purchasing an expensive VR headset. Simply purchase it, fold it, and look inside. Click HERE for more information on Google Carboard.



Music Director & Video Editor: Paul Dankers

Soprano:  Heidi Rovig
Alto:  Dory Light
Tenor:  Michael Schoepe
Bass:  David Parker

Tammy Baar
Kristin Boronski
Hattie Branson
Johanna Geary
Tamela Kenning
Emma Leake
Lora Meredith
Heidi Rovig
Stacey Weiss

Jeanette Adams
Brenda Bathke
Jeanie Child
Molly Child
Lisa Curran
Jeanette Darnauer
Mary Delany
Linda Kimmel
Sharon Kurtz
Lynnette Schlepp
Jan Shute
Sue Wasienko
Stephanie Zaza

Melinda Baum
Sherry Beattie
Laura Carter
Paul Dankers
Barbara Fretz
John Lund
Michael Schoepe
Annie Vores
Don Weller

Steve Beattie
Steve Child
Eric Grumling
David Parker
Jack Peterson
Ted Richards
Steve Shute
Larry Tallmadge



Concertmaster:  Julian Hallmark

Violin 1:
Ross Kribbs
Lori Andrews

Violin 2:
Heidi Curatolo
Kate Northfield-Lanich
Katie Ralston

Jalen Lee
Julia Foran

Lorraine Curry
Wendy Larson Moseley

Bass: Jeanette Adams

Harpsichord & Organ: Terry Lee

Oboe 1 & 2: Lori Patrick

Trumpet 1 & 2: Tim Fox

Timpani: Andrew Zakerski


Special Thanks To:

The ACS Board of Directors:
Tamela Kenning, President
Jim Wolf, Vice President
Mary Delany, Treasurer
Linda Kimmel, Secretary
Emma Leake, Choir Manager
Sherry Beattie
Brenda Bathke
Lisa Curran
Laura Carter
Sue Wasienko
Stephanie Zaza

Advisory Board:
Hattie Branson
Donna Stratton
Virgil Simon
Lynnette Schlepp
Marnie White
Stacey Weiss
Bill Stirling

Publicity & Graphics: Elizabeth Winn

Bookkeeping: Phoebe Gruel

Assistant Coordinator & Recording Engineer: Lisa Curran

360 Video Placement: Michael Schoepe


Messiah 360 Fun Facts:

  • In order to allow our choristers to sing in a more collaborative environment, we used an app called the “Acapella” app.
  • The Hallelujah chorus is the recording with the most audio channels, maxing out at 61 different channels of audio.
  • 39 choristers added their voice to this year’s Messiah 360 virtual production.
  • Our chamber orchestra was composed of 17 orchestral parts being played by 15 individual people.
  • This recording is being rendered into adaptive, ambisonic audio. Ambisonic audio is the codec that allows the audio to truly “surround” and immerse the listener – making it seem like the audio is coming from its source, even as you change your perspective while watching the video. 360 video and ambisonic audio were originally developed for gamers to create more immersive gaming experiences.
  • Our video was edited in Adobe Premiere Professional, which is the same software that was used to produce the ground-breaking movie, “Avatar.”


With Special Thanks to Our 2020 Sponsors, without whom this would not be possible:






Thank You to Our 2020 Donors

($10,000 or more)

Pat Smith
City of Aspen


Joan & Virgil Stiefel Simon

Sustaining Angels



Slifer Smith & Frampton
Tamela & Tom Kenning
Alpine Bank
Diana Golis


Mary & Peter Delany
Eileen & Bruce Leland


Angela Parkison
Lawrence Tallmadge
Sylvia Stauffer & Werner Neff
Leslie Simon
Sol Energy
Stephanie Zaza
Hattie Branson


The Darnauer Group, LLC
Ron Pickman
Anna Naeser & Gerald Terwilliger
Paul Jacobson
Brenda Bathke
David Chase
John Lund
Wendy Huber
Jay S. Simon
Mark McKeller
Stacey & Cliff Weiss
Laura Carter
Sylvia Wendrow
Aspen Community Foundation
Yin Mei Lawrence
Flournoy & Evan Gull
AIKI Works, Inc.
William Stirling
Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Hensley & James Peterson
Lynnette & Jeffrey Schlepp
Jordan Kenning
Thomas Leddy
Mary Klawiter
Marilyn & George Baker

($99 and under)

Linda Criswell
Tammy Baar
Linda Kimmel
Marlene Schroeder
William Schott
Sarah & Robert Blachard
Donna & Jim Wolf
Lisa Curran
Jan & Ned Cochran
Hazel Hailstone
Jan Pfeifer
Thomas Boronski
Debbie Shore
Wendy Perkins
Michael Schoepe
Allina Robertson
Karen Owens
Ninna Nee
Ann Vores
Darrell Mount
Alice Meredith
Sharen Kurtz
Don Weller
John Grumling
Lynne & Glen Jammaron
Joan Hollerbach
Gail Janes
Jami Friday
Jacqueline Doig
Donna Dale
Ashley Clark-Illick
Molly & Steve Child
Jeanie Child
Kristin Boronski
Fancis Bogle
Ruth Young
Sharon & Steven Beattie
Melinda Baum
Maria Armstrong
Jeanette Adams
Pauline Ross
Anne Jensen Muir
Susan Kaye
Anne & Clarence Blackwell
Vickie DeVilbiss
Eva Lemley
Elizabeth Winn
Sharon DeQuine
Anne Molphy
Ellen Stapenhorst
Paul Dankers

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