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Spring Performance

A virtual choral event, Sunday, April 4th at 10:00am

Following the success of our holiday performance of Handel’s Messiah we are pleased to present another virtual performance for the Spring of 2021! This video was recorded as part of Aspen Choral Society’s 2021 Virtual Spring Concert in collaboration with Snowmass Chapel.

This year’s performance will be available for viewing on The Aspen Choral Society’s YouTube Channel starting on Sunday, April 4th at 10pm MST. To view, please go to:


We Appreciate Your Support!

While there is no advanced registration or fee required to view Messiah 360, a suggested donation of $5 per viewer is appreciated.


Music Titles & Info:

“A Shout of Praise” by Keith Hampton

“Witness” a Traditional Spiritual arranged by Jack Halloran

“Walkin’ Down That Glory Road” by Mark Hayes

“Nearer My God To Thee” Music by Lowell Mason & James L. Stevens; Arranged by James L. Stevens; Original hymn lyrics by Sarah F. Adams; Latin lyrics by James L. Stevens; Soloist, Michael Schoepe

“We Are One Voice” by Kevin & Celeste Johnson; Arranged by Paul E. Oakley

“Down by the Riverside” American traditional song Arranged by John Rutter


Music Director & Video Editor: Paul Dankers

Tammy Baar
Kristin Boronski
Tamela Kenning – ACS Board President
Emma Leake – ACS Choir Manager & Section Leader
Eileen Leland
Heidi Rovig
Brittany von Stein

Jeanette Adams
Jeanie Child
Lisa Curran – Recording Technician
Jeanette Darnauer
Mary Delaney – ACS Treasurer
Sharen Kurtz
Lynette Schlepp
Sue Wasienko – ACS Board Member & Section Leader

Sherry Beattie – ACS Board Member
Laura Carter – ACS Board Member
Paul Dankers
Michael Schoepe – Section Leader
Marlene Schroeder

Steve Child
Richard Corbett
Tom Kenning
David Parker – Section Leader
Larry Tallmadge
Roy Wiedinmyer

Piano: David Dyer
Percussion: Andrew Zakerski


Special Thanks To:

The ACS Board of Directors:
Tamela Kenning, President
Jim Wolf, Vice President
Mary Delany, Treasurer
Linda Kimmel, Secretary
Emma Leake, Choir Manager
Sherry Beattie
Brenda Bathke
Lisa Curran
Laura Carter
Sue Wasienko
Stephanie Zaza

Advisory Board:
Hattie Branson
Donna Stratton
Virgil Simon
Lynnette Schlepp
Marnie White
Stacey Weiss
Bill Stirling

Publicity & Graphics: Elizabeth Winn

Bookkeeping: Phoebe Gruel

Assistant Coordinator & Recording Engineer: Lisa Curran

Recording was done using Acapella from PicPlayPost by MixCord Inc. The final video and sound was edited in Adobe Premiere Professional. No AutoTune was used in this production.

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